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About Us

Lennie Rose Estate Appraisals, Inc. is a consortium of highly-respected personal property appraisers in the New York City area who share a passion for the work we do, an appreciation for the beautiful things we appraise and a dedication to the never-ending pursuit of connoisseurship.  

It is our joy to serve you in whatever capacity you need. 

We know that personal property is not just about things, it’s also about a personal journey; the ring your grandmother wore for a lifetime, the clock that chimed good morning or the piece of artwork that hung in prominence as the family grew and changed.  

From the collector to the heir, one generation to the next, or from one treasured thing to an entire estate, we take great care in the appraisals we perform so that you will never have to pay the price of not knowing what your property is worth. 

Lennie Rose Estate Appraisals, Inc.
Serving NYC and the tri-state area.
Manhatten, New York City, New Jersey, NYC, Connecticut  
P: (708) 369-3472