Appraising with the values that matter most

When you know the value, you can buy smartly, sell confidently, insure accurately, donate properly and divide fairly.

Who We Serve

Homeowners, Individuals and Heirs

  • Inherited a home full of contents and don't know where to start?

  • Inherited family heirlooms, artwork, rugs, jewelry and silver and want to know the value?

  • Need guidance on how and where to sell or on navigating the process?

  • Have longtime possessions that need values so you can finally decide what to do?  

  • Ready to divide your property or hand it down fairly?

  • Time to update your insurance?

  • Need to clear your home or the home of a loved one and don’t want to make a mistake?

  • Just curious what your treasures are worth?

We offer    

  • Identification and valuation of personal property, family treasures and artworks 

  • Valuations and guidance in determining what to insure, sell and donate

  • Guidance and resources in navigating where and how to sell or donate

  • Insurance appraisals

  • USPAP compliant, qualified appraisal reports

  • Verbal Valuations 


Attorneys, Trustees and Executors

  • Unbiased valuations for equitable distribution and division of property

  • Valuations for Estate tax and Estate planning

  • Identification, valuation and guidance on dispersal, disposal and donation of property

Real Estate Brokers and Organizers

  • Have clients ready to sell their home but it's filled with a lifetime of possessions and they’re not sure where to start? 

  • Working with a client who inherited a home full of things and need the contents evaluated, identified and valued before they can put the real estate up for sale? 

  • Downsizing a client with potentially valuable property and need expertise to determine it?

  • Have clients who need advice and resources on where and how to sell and consign their possessions? 

  • Have clients of more modest estates and don’t want high value property to slip through the cracks?

We offer    

  • Onsite Verbal Valuations to identify and value household contents

  • USPAP compliant, qualified appraisal reports for the appraisals of high value items

  • Consultations and resources for customized action plans that include valuing, selling and consigning property.

  • A network of qualified and trusted experts to whom we will make introductions.

Lennie Rose Estate Appraisals, Inc.
Serving NYC, the Tri-state area, Chicago and the midwest area.
Manhatten, New York City, New Jersey, NYC, Connecticut  
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