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Client Reviews

“Without knowing what it was, I almost donated a signed Frank Stella to the Goodwill. Had it not been for Lennie, I would have."

— Jody K. - Heir to sister's estate

Best Estate Appraisor in NYC

As a professional organizer dealing with high-end estates I often work with appraisers. Lennie and her team's vast knowledge, attention to detail and efficiency are second to none. She is now the only appraiser I choose when a client is looking for the best. 

—Suzanne R. - Professional Organizer

Tri-State Area

(New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)

I used Lennie Rose and Kathy Rosenblatt for my 92-year-old cousin's estate. I found them to be professional, extremely competent, reasonable and thorough. My cousin lived in the apartment for sixty years and had amassed an enormous number of items from all over the world. They categorized and evaluated each item from the very valuable to the sentimental and gave me the support I needed to complete this seemingly overwhelming task. I highly recommend them. 

—Susan S. - Executor, cousin's estate

When our mother passed away she left so many wonderful and precious items that needed to be sold that we were overwhelmed.  Under Lennie's guidance, all of our treasures were sold. 


Knowledgeable, hard-working, discrete and ethical, Lennie carefully explained her plan and, when appropriate, our options.  We were kept informed of every detail. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the whole experience.

—The L Family - Heirs to mother's estate

What a great team to work with! We needed people with experience and heart during a difficult time and they fit the bill.

—The G Family - Heirs to parent's estate

New York Estate Appraisal Lennie Rose

“Lennie’s thoughtful understanding and patient assurance helped me start the difficult process of sorting through a lifetime of possessions. With her keen eye and professional guidance, I was able to determine what to keep, what to sell and of what to let go.”

—Laura B. - Executor and widow

For my Mom's estate we received a recommendation for Lennie Rose. She was smart, professional and very responsive.  She expertly provided valuations for all of our treasures and recommendations on where to sell or donate them. She was so delightful that by the time we finished I felt I had a new "best friend.”  Thank you Lennie!

Meryl D. - Heir to mother’s estate

My sister and I enjoyed working with Lennie Rose so much that we  would use her services again without question.

Leslie and Deb B. - Heir to mother’s estate

Since working with you I have a new appreciation for so many of my mom’s things and those that she bought for me over the years. Thank you for all you did to help me with what was an overwhelming task until you came along.

Marilyn C. - Executor and heir to mother’s estate

My fortuitous discovery of Lennie Rose, proved to be invaluable in processing my friend's estate. Lennie and Kathy were readily accessible and extremely knowledgeable.  I appreciated their professionalism and good humor, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with an estate appraisal.

Dr. Michael B - Executor, friend's estate

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