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Appraisals for People on the Move

How We Work With Residential Real Estate Agents

Household contents should never stand in the way of listing and selling a home. Yet, people can become so overwhelmed by the magnitude of things they either own or have inherited that they put off listing their property.


The faster they can process their possessions, the faster their homes can go on the market.  But without an accurate understanding of what their possessions are worth, dealing with them can be daunting. 


One of the great fears in dealing with personal property is that something valuable might slip through the cracks. For every great $5 discovery on the Antiques Roadshow, there is a seller or donor who let that valuable go. 


When working with trained appraisers, those problems don’t occur.  Owners and heirs will know the value of their personal property so they can make informed decisions. 


The moment a home is destined for the market we can provide guidance from beginning to end.  From appraisal services to the dispersal of property, we are experienced in working with the contents of estates.


During the pandemic we added virtual and verbal appraisals.  In many situations this methodology is not only sufficient but preferred.  We have continued to offer this service and dedicate the same rigor to the research and valuations. For appraisals of higher value we recommend onsite personal inspections. This provides the most accurate information from which to base our appraisals.


We also help people accurately insure their personal property to protect it from damage and loss. Conversely, we help people NOT to insure or over insure items that would incur unnecessary expenses.

Our Process

Step 1. No Charge

Our first step always starts with a review of the personal property.  We request photographs emailed to us. From there we may arrange a virtual walkthrough over FaceTime or recommend an onsite inspection. 

There is no charge for us to review photos or conduct a virtual walkthrough.  This gives us an understanding of the items, their condition, the scope of work needed and the context of the entire contents.

Step 2.  Clarifying the goal to inform the process


Once we’ve reviewed the personal property, we will ask, “What is the goal of this appraisal?” 

Answers range from simply wanting to know to very specific assignments such as insurance scheduling and non-cash charitable donation appraisals.  An assignment may include a combination of services or simply assistance in the dispersal of property.  When we are clear on the goal and have an understanding of the property we will outline the process we feel is most appropriate, estimate the time and expense it will take to complete it. 

Step 3. Agreement is reached and work begins

Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon, we will email a contract and request a deposit. 

Step 4. On time, in budget with rigor and professionalism

We bring the same rigor, enthusiasm and professionalism to every assignment we accept. You have our guarantee that we will deliver all of services in accordance with the highest standards of our industry. 

To explore Estate Appraisals, Personal Property Appraisals, Insurance Appraisals, Non-cash Charitable Donation Appraisals or assistance in selling personal property, Call us! 

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