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Appraisals for People on the Move

How We Work With Residential Real Estate Agents

Household contents should never stand in the way of listing and selling a home.  Yet, your clients and potential clients can become so overwhelmed by the magnitude of things they have to handle that they put off listing their property. 


The faster they can process their possessions, the faster their homes can go on the market.


One of the great fears in dealing with personal property is that something valuable might slip through the cracks. For every great $5 discovery on the Antiques Roadshow, there is a seller who let the valuable treasure go. 


This will not happen on our watch. We take the guesswork out of the process.

Our Process

Step 1. No Charge

Our first step always starts with a review of the personal property your clients have inherited or are considering insuring, appraising, selling, donating or dividing.  We request that they take 

photographs of their property and  email them to us or we can arrange a virtual walkthrough over FaceTime. 

There is no charge for this review. 


It gives us an understanding of the items, their condition, the scope of work needed and the context of the entire contents.

Step 2.  We only charge for the work we do and we will estimate this in advance


Once we’ve reviewed the personal property, we will ask, “what is the goal?” 


To Insure or Not To Insure


Your clients will want to purchase the right amount of insurance for their move.  


It may be in their best interest not to insure the pieces they were thinking about. In this case there is no charge.


Or they may need either a verbal appraisal or a written appraisal to substantiate their coverage.  


To Appraise or Not To Appraise


For heirs who have inherited a houseful of contents or homeowners who face a lifetime of accumulation, we may recommend a Verbal Appraisal to value the panorama of contents.  This is a quick and cost-efficient solution for knowing how to sort through high and low value possessions and get an accurate picture of the property’s overall value.


As experienced estate appraisers we have experience valuing general residential contents. In many cases, our past experience will enable us to provide verbal valuations without extensive research. We may also identify items that will require deeper research and an onsite personal inspection. This work will be estimated separately and conducted only with the written consent of the client.


The Verbal Appraisal can be done completely virtually, onsite or as hybrid of the two. 


To Sell or Not To Sell..where is the question


Appraisers have very clear professional boundaries and ethics regarding consulting and brokering the sale of personal property. All of our appraisals must be unbiased, which means that while conducting the appraisal we have no interest in acquiring the property or taking it on as a consignment. 


When assisting in the dispersal of property we work strictly as consultants and not appraisers to recommend the most appropriate markets, auction houses and dealers.  We have numerous resources where different types of personal property can be best sold, and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

To explore Verbal Appraisals, Estate Appraisals and Insurance Appraisals, or assistance in selling personal property, Call us!