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Trust & Estate Attorneys

and Financial Planners

From large complex Estate Appraisals to smaller and more modest assignments, we dedicate the same rigor and professionalism to every assignment we accept.

State and Federal Estate Tax Appraisals

Our carefully researched, qualified Estate Tax Appraisal Reports are USPAP** compliant and meet all State and Federal requirements.* In accordance with these regulations and the ISA Appraisal Report Writing Standard (ARWS), our Estate Tax Appraisal Reports include: a complete inventory of the appreciable and depreciable property with room-by-room itemization, photography and detailed descriptions of each item or groupings. Every item is appraised with unbiased and substantiated Fair Market Values as of the date of death (or alternative valuation date that is six months after the date of death).  


Our professionally rendered reports also include: a current market analysis, an index of resources, comparable data when necessary and the appraiser’s curriculum vitae.  

*Treasury Regulation §20.2031-1(b), IRS Revenue Procedure 66-49, and IRS Publication 950.

Appraisal services for Trust & Estate Attorneys
Estate Tax Appraisals

Non-cash Charitable Donation Appraisals

Our Non-cash Charitable Donation Appraisal Reports are USPAP** compliant and meet the requirements set forth by the IRS.


All of our appraisers are “Qualified” as defined by the Pension Protection Act of 2006 and our reports include: specific object identification information, in-depth research and market analysis, comparable sales data and photography requirements.


These requirements vary depending on the determined value of the property and the amount of deduction being claimed.


All Fair Market Values are determined as of the date of donation and are substantiated with comparable sales data and analysis.


In addition, our appraisers are competent to fill out Form 8283, which the taxpayer is required to submit with his or her return. The appraiser is responsible for Section B, Part III of Form 8283. 

Appraisal services for Financial Planners NYC
Donation Appraisals

Equitable Distribution and Estate Planning Appraisals

Our Estate Planning and Equitable Distribution Appraisal Reports follow the strict guidelines as set forth by USPAP** and the ISA Appraisal Report Writing Standard (ARWS). Every report is thoroughly researched, meticulously itemized and documented with the specific information required to arrive at professionally rendered Fair Market Values and can include any additional information as requested by the heirs. 


Our Appraisal Reports assist families and heirs with the inevitable distribution of their tangible assets by providing unbiased valuations. Our appraisal reports provide the necessary valuations for estate planning and produce an accurate photographic record of the family’s tangible assets as of the date of the inspection.

Equitable Distribution

Insurance Appraisals


All of our Insurance Appraisal Reports are USPAP** compliant and written with the highest standards of our profession.  Every object appraised is thoroughly researched, described in detail and either photographed and inventoried during an onsite inspection, or reviewed through the careful inspection of photography supplied to us by insurance companies and/or the clients. 

Our Damage/Loss Claim Insurance Appraisal Reports and Insurance Scheduling Appraisal Reports are written in accordance with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Appraisal Report Writing Standard (ARWS).  All of our appraised values are unbiased, defensible and substantiated with well documented research. 


**USPAP - Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

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