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Executors and Heirs

The Estate Appraisal Process

How We Work with Heirs & Executors of Wills

Imagine walking into the house or apartment your mother or friend once lived in. Everything is as it was when they were alive, but nothing will ever be the same. You look around at the furnishings and artwork. Open the cabinets and closets. All of their things sit silently before you.  


Bookshelves and breakfronts are crammed. Fine china, stemware, rugs, silver and jewelry - all are suddenly in your charge.  You don’t know what anything is worth, and you don’t want to make a mistake.

Overwhelm mingles with responsibility. 

It may be the first time you’ve done anything like this and you may also be in grief.


What you need is a plan, a process and a clear understanding of what should be done. You need to work with someone you trust.

This is the point when we’re called in to serve, to bring order, information and experience to the situation so you know what the panorama of possessions is worth and what you are going to do about them.  With skilled expertise we separate high-value from low-value items, provide valuation services for the entire household contents, and inform you every step of the way so you can make intelligent and accurate decisions.  

The Estate Appraisal Process


The process starts with sending photographs to us of the antiques, furniture and personal property you want appraised. Images taken with your phone are fine. To provide estate valuations of furniture, art and household contents, we need to first see a sampling of what you have.


Some estate appraisals can be done virtually. Other estate appraisals require a walk-through and personal inspection. Some estate appraisals require a detailed inventory and USPAP compliant appraisal reports. This is all dependent on the mandates of the Will and desires and dictates of the Executors and heirs.


We have worked with all sizes of estates from multi-million dollar homes and collections to more modest one bedroom apartments.  We have provided valuation services for part or all of the estate and have had discoveries along the way. 


We saved one client the heartache of accidentally getting rid of a piece of art that was actually a signed and dated Frank Stella artist proof worth thousands of dollars.   


We discovered a beautiful diamond ring hidden in a sewing box, much to the family’s delight.


We’ve separated treasures from reproductions, provided guidance on dispersal and acted as the kind of company you would want at your side for this journey. If you would like to hear more from the heirs and Executors we’ve served, please stop by our reviews page and then call us.  We are always happy to speak with you and review your situation. 

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